Dianna Agron’s Got a New ‘Do and, Apparently, a New Beau, Too

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Apparently Dianna Agron has a new boy toy. And it’s not Alex Pettyfer or Chord Overstreet or any of the other dudes she’s dated on and off-screen. This guy’s totally new to Dianna, except maybe not so much to another young TV Star…

According to sources, Dianna has been spotted with Sebastian Stan, who’s Leighton Meester‘s ex! Apparently “they’re cute” together. Except they might have to be cute long-distance, because Dianna is touring with her Glee cast all summer and Sebastian is filming a movie with Amanda Seyfried. Oh well.

Do you think Dianna and Sebastian would make a cute couple? Or do you prefer Dianna with Alex? Tell us in the comments!