From Our BFFs: Do You Think You Can Guess Dianna Agron’s Fave Song?

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Dianna Agron‘s celeb Youtube playlist, with everything from Kid Cudi to the Beatles, is beyond awesome. She’s even cooler than we thought. [JSYK]

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber made out in the movie theater! But the similarities to every other teenage couple pretty much ends there. [Hollywire]

Is Christina Aguilera the new Britney Spears? She was arrested for public intoxication last night, yikesies. [Posh24]

You’ll never guess how Robert Pattinson spends most of his free time. It isn’t making out with Kristen Stewart, but good guess. [4TZ!]

Teresa Palmer‘s blockbuster I Am Number Four hit theaters last Friday, and now Take Me Home Tonight is opening this week! Can you say “overachiever?” [Seventeen]

Speaking of I Am Number Four, chat live with star Callan McAuliffe tonight! [Just Jared Jr]

Wait — so why is there no new Glee on tonight? Find out the deets! (And watch our Ashley Fink interview instead!) [Wetpaint]

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