Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer Spill On-Set Secrets — and On Each Other! (Exclusive!)

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Fine, we don’t really know if Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron are dating because, like many celebs, their lips are sealed on their personal lives (boo!). But what we do know, aside from that they’d make a super cute couple (possible even cuter than Barbie and Ken Quinn and Sam on Glee), is that they’re co-starring together in the upcoming flick, I am Number Four and we. can’t. wait.

And you’ll be just as excited for the flick too after you read our interview with Dianna and Alex, where we talked about everything from Alex’s dream girl to if his hotness distracted Dianna from acting. Ha!

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Teen.com: What made you want to play this character?
Alex Pettyfer: I think it’s just the vulnerability of him. Everyone comes to a point in there life where they have a choice, and I love the fact that John doesn’t want it. It’s that feeling of not knowing what you want, yet you have the ability to do something that maybe you or me might want, because we look at the situation differenty. So yeah, I loved the fact that he wanted normalcy, yet his destiny of becoming a warrior.

Teen.com: Did you read the book to prepare for your roles?
Alex Pettyfer: The thing that is fascinating about movies nowadays is that books are being written while you’re making the movie. They integrate it together, to make it more real. Yeah, I’ve read the book now. I loved it. It’s a tiny bit different from the film but to make the movie better, we had to really stick to the book.
Dianna Agron: I started to [read it], ’cause they had given it to us maybe three or four weeks into shooting, but then it was difficult because some things are similar and some things aren’t and I didn’t want to blur the line. The writer [of the book] came and thought that [the movie] was true to what he had seen in his head,which was really nice.

Teen.com: Dianna, what was it like working with Alex?
Dianna Agron: Alex was great. I met him the day before we did our table read and I was very pleasantly surprised. He is knowledgeable of the world and people and he cares and likes that discovery process. He was very passionate about the film as well, so that worked so well, because I can imagine on the opposite side, if you’re working with someone who doesn’t really care it might be a struggle.

Teen.com: Did you have trouble concentrating because Alex is just so freakin’ hot?
Dianna Agron: [Laughs]. As most people would say, yes, but at the same time too, it’s funny because you learn the way to make each other laugh, so half the time we were just laughing and being silly, as we were with everybody. He’s not a tough guy; I don’t take him seriously anymore. I know the real him.

Teen.com: OK, spill. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened on set?
Alex Pettyfer: Callan [McAuliffe] used to play so many pranks on me. He used to spray different names on the trailers, so we would walk into different trailers, and so one day I decided to put a walkie-talkie in his trailer.I would radio in and say, “We need Callan on set!” and they thought it was coming from outside the trailer, so he would go to set, and people would be like “We don’t need you, what are you doing here?” I did it over and over, like four or five times. [Laughs] It was funny.

Teen.com: Hah! How would you say you’re like and unlike your characters?
Alex Pettyfer: We are similar cause he wants a normal life and I want a normal life. I think anyone wants a normal life. We’re different because he has super powers!
Dianna Agron: Well, I love photography and I think I love it for the same reasons Sarah loves it. It’s great to get behind a camera. It’s not about you, it’s about what you’re seeing in the world, finding things that are beautiful everywhere. But Sarah’s different from me because obviously I’m not on the run from bad guys, battling and fighting, and finding the courage to do things like that.

Teen.com: Dianna, how do you think Sarah is similar to Quinn, your Glee character?
Dianna Agron: Glee is set in high school, but it’s this different image of high school that you see. I AM NUMBER FOUR is more the band of outsiders; it’s much more about kind of exploring that world. Sarah’s an old soul, with dreams of eventually getting out of her small town environment that she’s explored and she wants to see what else is out there.

Teen.com: Did you do your own stunts?
Dianna Agron: I did. The fall that I did was I, and then everything was on the ground, but it was I. Getting to watch the rest of them do all the wirework was really impressive. I was very envious. The stuff that I was involved with was so fun and so different than anything else I have ever done before.

Teen.com: Alex, you’re about to become a heartthrob. Are you ready for fame?
Alex Pettyfer: I don’t think anyone can prepare for it. I don’t want fame, no one wants fame. I think nine out of ten actors want it, and that one percent who are true to themselves, like Christian Bale, are people who say, “Why would you want to go in to see a movie when you know where that person shops, and eats and sleeps and who they’re with?” You want to go and see a movie about a character. You want to go see a movie that draws you away from life, and takes you away on a fantasy for a couple of hours. I just like making movies where you see the character that I am.

Teen.com: Do you want to model your career after Christian Bale’s?
Alex Pettyfer: Yes. This guy is my idol. Completely my idol.
Dianna Agron: For me it’d be someone like Helena Bonham Carter. She’s amazing, there are so many people that I love. Meryl Streep is phenomenal. And Diane Keaton, there are so many strong woman in this industry that they have sort of paved the way to greatness and I think just to be a small fish in this pool is really amazing, I’m very grateful for it.

Teen.com: Ok, what makes this movie different from other Sci-fi flicks out there like, say, Twilight??
Dianna Agron: It has some really amazing elements where there is that “Rebel without a Cause,” “Breakfast Club” feel. It’s not an alien with big green head. They’re not aliens that you’ve seen in other movies. I think they did such a great job with the wardrobe, and the setting and all the stunts that we did — it’s really unique.

Teen.com: Alex, we’re dying to know. What do you look for in a girl?
Alex Pettyfer: Leather Jacket, Italian, Tattoos.