YouTube’s Next Triple Threat Spills All of Her Most Coveted Beauty Secrets

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You may have thought that Ariana Grande only had one sibling, BUT it seems that she may actually have a secret sister… Well, maybe not quite, but Diana Espir can for sure pass as her separated-at-birth twin. You may not know the name yet, but a complete takeover from the London-born singer who grew up in Switzerland slash YouTuber is just on the horizon.

When the wavy-haired petite singer first strutted in the room at The House in NYC’s Union Square, we knew we were dealing with a #BOSS. Diana may be tiny, but thanks to her HUGE personality and bubbly demeanor, she had us at “Hello” (which also isn’t saying too much, thanks to her chic English accent, so we would’ve been entranced NMW).

Our point being, you’re missing out if you haven’t checked out her EP, Rumors, which dropped last year. After being a contestant on The Voice France, the 23-year-old started attracting a lot of attention. Even rapper slash songwriter, Nelly, knew she was about to become a big deal and was stoked to jump on her track, “Tomboy.”

Diana explained to us how the cool collab originally went down: “It was so random. I was a musical theater performer, and had a very high pitched voice. I went on The Voice France because they take people from there and cast them in musicals… One of the guys from that show told me that he knew this really good producer in America and asked if I wanted to work with him. This producer also works with Nelly, so he was in the studio with Nelly and asked him if he liked my song. Nelly was like, ‘Yeah, I can totally do a verse on it.’ I was like, ‘Oh my God!'”

That was only the beginning for the musical theater girl turned pop princess. “After that, I went to LA to do a video with [Nelly] for the song. The video actually got a lot of attention just from releasing it on my YouTube channel and it ended up going to MTV! I’m just a chorus girl, and never expected to be doing stuff like that,” she spilled to us.

Instagram (@dianaespir)

Rachel Martin

A couple of months ago, she dropped her single, “Side Chick,” a follow-up to her debut, “Tomboy,” further proving that she is no one-hit wonder. Not too surprisingly, the somewhat risque song topic left the vocalist dealing with major backlash, but here’s what Diana has to say to her haters: “I’m not a side chick, but I wanted to show the other side to the story. A lot of people criticized me and said I was an advocate for being a side chick, but I just wanted to show that sometimes a girl can get tricked into being a side chick by the guy… I like to do stuff that’s controversial. I don’t want to do a subject that everyone is talking about. In my music, I like to do feminist kind of messages, because even today, it’s hard for women to really make it.”

Instagram (@dianaespir)

Instagram (@dianaespir)

Sounds like Miss Espir is getting a lifetime membership to our very own bad-a** girl club. If you’re like us and literally can’t get enough of her as it is, we have good news: Diana already posts awesome covers on her YouTube channel. But during our chat, she just so happened to mention that she’s going to start doing makeup tutorials that we know will be life-changing.

Why is that, you may ask? Maybe because the singer is actually a walking encyclopedia for all things makeup. Before her start as a performer, she also dappled in the world of makeup and beauty. “I was an assistant for a makeup artist who does EVERYONE — Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Paris Hiltoneveryone — so I know every single product there is… I have some makeup tutorials on my YouTube channel now, but I’m going to be doing even more beauty stuff.”

YouTube  (Diana Espir)

YouTube (Diana Espir)

Since she is a makeup extraordinaire, we obviously couldn’t let her go without dishing her secrets to ~flawless~ skin and killer makeup. Her fool-proof secret to nailing the ultimate winged eyeliner every time is “the credit card trick! I use the credit card all time.” And, about her perfect complexion (#goals), she says it’s “Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Creme Broad. It’s like a skincare, so it doesn’t clog your pores, and it gives you nice, glowing skin.” Basically, your glam game was just upped by a lot, so you’re welcome.

While Diana is working hard on her debut album that’s anticipated to drop sometime this year, she’s giving us fans a special treat with the soon-to-be release of “When the Love Hits.” We should also mention that she co-wrote it with the same geniuses who brought us “Airplanes,” so we know this song will be stuck in our heads fa dayz.

Stay tuned for even more exciting news from your new favorite gal!

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