This New Nail Trend Will Have You Dripping in Diamonds… Literally!

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LBR, we all love diamonds, and if you’re anything like us, you probably wish you could be dripping in ’em! Well, thanks to a Moscow-based nail salon, you can now turn your ultimate dream into a reality!

That’s right, fam! Instagram account @nail_sunny is back at it again with another crazy nail trend, and while it’s just another mani we could probably never rock ourselves due to a lack of functionality, we have to say that we applaud their creativity. Take a look:

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Yes or no? πŸ’ daimonds nails😌

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How interesting! We’re going to assume you’re not going to be trying this look out, but just in case you were considering it, you should probably know a bit about how Nail Sunny achieved this look. Like any good nail trend, the mani first started with a good set of acrylics. Then, the technician glued two strings of diamond-like gems onto the acrylics, allowing them to flow freely at the ends. Want to see more of how they were created? Check it out:

Overall, we’ve decided that, while this nail trend is like nothing we’ve ever seen before, we definitely wouldn’t be able to rock it in our day-to-day routines. We mean, how would we type and let you guys know about all of the other wild manicures @Nail_Sunny has created? Ant nails, teeth nails, feet nails — the fun never ends!