Theories That’ll Change Everything You Thought You Knew About Dexter’s Lab

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Guess those crazy theories about Ed, Edd n Eddy didn’t scare you off from reading about Cartoon Network, huh? Well, we’ll see if these Dexter’s Laboratory suggestions will do the trick. While they’re not necessarily scary, some do cross the line of WTF status. Here are Dexter’s Lab theories that’ll change everything you thought you knew about the series:

1. Dexter has Asperger’s syndrome. Here’s the evidence broken down on Cracked: “He struggles to interact with others socially, has repetitive patterns he adheres to and has very unique interests.” Furthermore, there’s also his baffling pseudo-Austrian accent to discuss: “A lot of people with this condition sound like foreigners to their own families because they mimic words the way they were pronounced when they first heard them (in many cases, on TV).”

2. Dee Dee’s feelings toward Dexter are inappropriate. One theorist could not see beyond the incestuous subtext between the older sister and her younger brother: “Dee Dee is rather… attached to her baby brother. She’s very touchy-feely, tries to distract Dexter from his work all the time and gets upset when Dexter ignores her.” Just try looking at them the same way now. It’s impossible!

3. Dee Dee is not Dexter’s sister at all. Instead, she is — wait for it — Dexter’s future daughter! The same report that suggested the incest theory also offers a different view of the supposed siblings’ relationship: “Some time in the future, Dexter has a daughter but also creates an invention which threatens the world. Dee Dee is sent back in time to prevent this from happening by pretending to be his sister and destroying his inventions that could set up her future. She can get into Dexter’s lab no matter what protections he puts on it because, to her, they’ve always been there; she knows how to bypass them. And Dee Dee is a code name, literally standing for ‘Dexter’s Daughter.'”

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