Dev Thinks The Cast of Jersey Shore Are “Secret Geniuses” And You’ll Never Guess Why (Exclusive Q+A)

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You might know Dev for her single “In the Dark,” or maybe you know her as the chick who’s on that the song “Who’s That Boy” with Demi Lovato. But regardless, come November when her new album hits or um, right now after you read our exclusive interview, we’re pretty sure you’ll be huge Dev fans. Or shall we say “baby goons…”

We spoke with Dev about her upcoming album, the Lady Gaga resemblance and our fave guilty pleasure…Jersey Shore! Check out the full interview below:

Teen: Your very first album, “The Night the Sun Came Up,” is coming out November 1. What can we look forward to?
Dev: You can expect a lot of personal stories, even on the uptempo tracks. Some ballads, some hip-hop influenced stuff and even R&B. I think that I tried to keep this album useful and sort of reflect my journey becoming a musician. Hopefully a lot of people will get to see more of me. The world thinks they know me, but they really don’t, so this is my chance to introduce myself.

Teen: We think it’s so cute you call your fans “baby goons” and it made us of think of how Lady Gaga calls her fans “Little Monsters.” Is there any connection there? Are you a “Little Monster?”
Dev: I think at heart I am. Think the whole world is secretly Lady Gaga’s monster. But I never really intended it to be one of those name things, it kinda just happened which is cool cause these kids are my ride or die. They really go hard for me.

Teen: You’ve been compared to some pretty awesome pop stars, like Ke$ha…
Dev: The comparisons throughout the past three years have been so interesting. From Ke$ha to Lily Allen and all these other random artists from left field. Naturally, I’m a brat, so I don’t really like being compared to anybody. But at least they’re like, all really good artists, so I can’t really complain. Hopefully after they hear this album, then I’ll just be Dev and they’ll be comparing the newbies to me.

Teen: We hear you’re a huge Jersey Shore fan! What’s your fave one-liner from this season?
Dev: I love the lesbionic line they keep doing. Those guys are all absolutely insane and brilliant at the same time. They’re like secret geniuses.

Teen: Who’s your fave on the show?
Dev: Snooki. She’s the best!

And if you haven’t heard Dev’s new single “In the Dark” yet, watch the vid below…

Editor’s Note: After this interview went live, we found out that unfortch, Dev’s album was pushed back to January 10, 2012.

Are you planning on picking up Dev’s album next year? Did you know she was a Jersey Shore fan before reading our interview? Sound off in the comments!