Fans are Convinced Descendants 3 is Happening, Thanks to One Clue

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After fans have begged and pleaded for another chapter to unfold in the Descendants film series, Disney teased some big news ahead, and our prayers may finally be answered.

Disney hit us with a cryptic announcement just two days ago that major DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) news will be announced this Friday — that’s just TWO days away for those of you living under a rock — and fans have already begun predicting what the news could possibly be.

After Disney’s Descendants 2 premiered last July, the film left fans with MANY questions, so naturally, minds have wandered into the territory of yet another film in the works. Disney Channel’s Instagram account posted a video claiming that there will “MAJOR DCOM NEWS FRIDAY.”

BIG news coming this Friday…

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Fans have also depicted what looks like faint logo in the teaser of what looks like the Descendants apple AND, according to What’s Filming, the third movie, titled Descendants 3: The Big Sleep, is set to begin filming this May in Vancouver. And since we’re deep into the rabbit hole of clues here, Sofia Carson recently opened up about what she hopes for her character Evie, “if there ever was a third Descendants“… Yeah, we’re onto you, girl.

Sofia said of her hopes for Evie in a third installment, “You’ve never really seen a wicked side of Evie. If Descendants 3 happens, either she goes under some spell or someone spells her and we see a truly wicked side of Evie. She would become villainous and be poisoning apples for real.”

Dove Cameron also took to Instagram just yesterday to share a photo of her iconic purple Descendants wig in celebration of Descendants reaching two billion views on YouTube. So, like, if the second film did that well, then a third should be a no-brainer, right?

Okay, that’s enough investigative work for us as the rumors have yet to be confirmed, but there are only two more days until we find out what Disney has brewing. Seriously, there are about to be some angry fans if this isn’t the Descendants news we’re all hoping for, so we hope you’re listening, Disney execs!