The Aftermath of a YouTube Couple’s Breakup is Not at All What You’d Expect

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When YouTubers decide to break up, that’s usually the end of things. Sure, some couples eventually film a video together following the split, but, for the most part, there’s no turning back. Derek Deso and Lycette Cornejo may be breaking this mold, however, because while they say they broke up, there’s also a bit of a twist.

The 30-year-old prankster confirmed that he and his longtime girlfriend DID go their separate ways in a recent video posted to his second channel last week.

He explained, “It was a mutual agreement and it has nothing to do with YouTube — not the YouTube pranks, or the challenges of daily vlogging, or editing, or anything like that.”

But while the pair mutually agreed that not being in a relationship was the best thing for them, that thought process didn’t last for very long.

“We were still good friends when we had our break and then we decided, let’s not let go that easy; let’s try to fix it,” Derek said. “The breakup was probably for 24 hours or two days.”

We’re not 100 percent sure if Derek and Lycette are officially back together right now, but we do know they’re “trying to patch things together [and] make it work” at this point.

The YouTuber asked his subscribers to continue sending positive messages, because they really help lift his spirits during days that aren’t so great.

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