6 Hacks to Make Your Favorite Denim Jeans Last (Basically) Forever

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There’s nothing as comforting as sliding on your favorite pair of jeans. Whether you’re pairing them with heels for a night out or with sneakers for a quick trip to the grocery store, jeans are perfect all year round for so many occasions. And we all know the gratifying feeling when you finally, after much turmoil and searching, find the perfect pair. They fit right, compliment your body and make you feel as fabulous as you look. But how long will those jeans last? Well, that all depends on how you take care of them.

It’s tragic when a pair of jeans rips, fades, or stretches out to the point of no return… especially if it’s your FAVORITE pair. So, how can you prevent these tragedies from happening? Well sometimes, you can’t. After a while, jeans will start to be not as perfect anymore. There are a number of hacks, however, that will help your jeans live a long, healthy life.