Despite Alleged OD, YouTube Still Making 2nd Demi Lovato Documentary

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The news of Demi Lovato‘s apparent overdose came as quite a surprise to fans who had just previously learned about her relapse thanks to her song, “Sober.” Still, it was only when word got out that she had to be rushed to the hospital after a night of partying that people really understood how badly she was struggling, but luckily, a couple of hours later reports surfaced that the 25-year-old was “okay and stable” and surrounded by family and close friends.

Despite the frightening incident, however, YouTube has no intentions of cancelling D.Lo’s second documentary, which was first announced back in May. Susanne Daniels, YT’s Global Head of Original Content told reporters on Friday, “We’re working on a second Demi Lovato documentary and I hope she’s feeling better.”

Considering the success of Demi’s first YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated, in which she got super candid about her struggle with an eating disorder and battle with addiction, it’s not all that surprising that they wanted to make a second one. And since the musician was down for it, it was really a no brainer. However, in light of recent events, YouTube is halting production on the project, which was originally due to be released this coming fall.

Susanne explained, “We put the pause button on. We want her to get well, and she’ll decide what she wants to say about this. She’s had real struggles, and she’s trying so hard, and I think the outpouring of sympathy for her is reflective of the way she shared her battles so publicly, so honestly.”

Of course, it’ll be a while until we find out how DL’s most recent struggles will impact the upcoming documentary, but if the past is any sort of indicator, we think she will be as brave and honest about her struggles as she’s always been.