The 15 Worst Demi Lovato Moments of 2015

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We’ve got a(n admittedly one-sided) confusing relationship with Demi Lovato. Demi the Artist is fantastic; her powerful voice, although often used for bleh songs, is rivaled by almost no one else in the industry. Demi the Person seems sweet, even though we don’t regularly chat over Starbucks together or whatever. But the confusion comes in when you consider just how grating Demi the Personality can be at times.

In fact, just in the single year of 2015, we’ve felt personally attacked by Regina George Demi the Personality 15 whole times. And we bet you have been, too, Lovatic or not. It may SEEM like 2015 was the Year of Demi, but it was, in fact, the opposite. Because sometimes, like these 15 times, she was just plain old ridic: