Demi Lovato Hilariously Reacts to Her Voice Cracking During “Stone Cold”

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Yes, it may be hard to believe, but even Demi Lovato has her off days. Case in point, this past weekend, the Tell Me You Love Me singer performed at the iHeartRadio Theater in New York City and she hit a sour note during her performance.

Although Demi was feeling under the weather, she still did her best to put on a performance for her loyal Lovatics Saturday night. It wasn’t until the 25-year-old performed her hit, “Stone Cold,” that everyone realized she had a little cold herself. During the chorus, Demi tried her best to hit the high note but her voice started cracking and she couldn’t help but react to the situation with a curse word. “I don’t know what to do,” the pop star exclaimed.

Girl, we wouldn’t have known what to do after that either. BUT, like the pro that she is, after cracking a joke and admitting that she was lost after that note, the singer continued on with the song and STILL put on an amazing show for her fans. Needless to say, no one was really mad about that, because how could you be? She wasn’t feeling the best!

After the on-stage incident, Demi went on Twitter to express her gratitude to her fans for supporting her… even at her lowest point. “Even when I lose my voice on stage, my fans know how to keep me from being down.. thank you my Lovatics, I love you,” she wrote.

We love you too, Demi!