Demi Lovato Unfollowed Nick Jonas on Instagram Before Relapse Reveal

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Demi Lovato is cutting friends out of her life left and right. First, she ended her friendship with longtime BFF Marissa Callahan for an unknown reason and now she seemingly said adios to her “brother” Nick Jonas, too.

The 25-year-olds have been tight since their Camp Rock days, but it’s apparent that something happened because the “Sober” singer unfollowed the “Anywhere” crooner on Instagram shortly before releasing her new song, which reveals she recently relapsed.

NJ watched DL struggle with drug and alcohol abuse over the years, but thought he helped her get her addiction under control. Sadly, he was wrong.

“I felt a bit of pride about it,” he said in Demi’s documentary, Simply Complicated. “Selfishly, maybe I thought I’m helping her come back to being the Demi we all know and love.”

D.Lo explained that Nick is “family,” but then shook people to the core when she released “Ruin the Friendship,” which is basically her admitting that she wants to take their relationship to the next level.

demi lovato unfollows nick jonas instagram

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“Put down your cigar and pick me up / Play me your guitar, that song I love,” she croons in the track, noting two things the Nick loves.

She continues, “Let’s ruin the friendship, let’s ruin the friendship / Baby, you and I got history and we can’t deny our chemistry / So why the f*ck are we a mystery? / Let’s just go with the connection, give me your affection.”

Welp, looks like she hit the nail on the head with that song title.