Celeb Battle: Demi’s vs. Cody’s Album Lyrics

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What do Demi Lovato and Cody Simpson have in common, aside from both having had albums come out this week?

Answer: Not much. No, seriously. Here at Teen.com we have way too much time on our hands, we did a little dissecting of the lyrics to Demi and Cody’s new songs and they could not be more different. Demi’s talking about that hot guy in a club. Cody’s singing about the cute girl’s new shoes. See what we mean?

Basically what we’re trying to say here is that Demi’s lyrics are super mature (and even a little scandalous) and Cody’s are, well, as sweet as sugar. Just click through to see what we mean, but please keep in mind, we still love BOTH Demi and Cody. With that said:

Let’s start here. Cody’s singing about pants, but we’re sure Demi’s singing about getting into some guy’s pants…

DEMI, “Who’s That Boy”
Wanna take you home
And get you all alone
And everybody here is thinkin’
Who’s that boy?

CODY, “Crazy But True”
Yeah, always include her in all my plans
She’s right behind me like the pocket
On the back of my pants

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