Demi Lovato Gets MARRIED in New “Tell Me You Love Me” Music Video

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Demi Lovato just dropped her emotional “Tell Me You Love Me” music video and it’s a full-on movie moment you don’t want to miss.

Grab a seat, silence your cell phones and stop what you’re doing because Demi’s newest music video may be her best (and most tear-jerking) video yet. She released “Tell Me You Love Me” off her new album of the same name, and has been teasing her highly anticipated nuptials all week, beginning with a single photo of herself in a wedding dress, and naturally, Lovatics began freaking out.

Friday. #TellMeYouLoveMe

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It didn’t take long for us to figure out that it was a music video announcement due to the many teasers, but nothing could have prepared us for what REALLY happened. The music video stars Grey’s Anatomy hottie Jesse Williams and the two get all hot and heavy. The almost seven-minute long video tells the story of their love from their tumultuous relationship to their engagement and impending wedding.

The pair have undeniable chemistry and the video even gets a little NSFW. But it wouldn’t be a classic Demi music video without there being some serious drama. In the beginning of the video, we see Jesse and Demi fight over her friend Erik constantly calling her, to which Jesse develops a sense of jealousy and even becomes slightly abusive.

They eventually decide that they’re going to follow through with the wedding because they truly love each other, but spoiler alert: it doesn’t exactly go as planned. As if the lyrics of the song aren’t already a dead giveaway, the end of the video reveals the heartbreaking decision being made almost before it’s too late…

Watch the video below, and prepare for endless waterworks.