Demi Lovato Gets Her Own Starbucks Cup! You Know You’ve Made it When…

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Just a few weeks ago, Demi Lovato‘s name and hands were immortalized at The X Factor, Season 2 Handprint Ceremony next to Britney Spears‘ signature. (A pretty big sign that you’ve made it big if you ask us.) Yet Dem still didn’t consider herself an A-lister because she didn’t have — wait for it — her own Starbucks cup. But as of this week, the former Disney Channel queen can officially say she’s made it ’cause Starbucks gave Demi her very own personalized star! So we came up with a bunch of silly ways to tell when you can call yourself a celebrity. You know you’ve made it when…

…you go from just holding the coffee cup to being on the coffee cup.


…you puke in front of all your fans (a la Justin Bieber) and they’re not grossed out.
In fact, they stick up for you. And even find it endearing.

…you curse out Mariah Carey (who made it a long time ago) and get away with it.


Taylor Swift writes a song about you.


…you get a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.
(So, we guess Kim Kardashian won’t count as “making it” any time soon.)


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