Demi Lovato Threatens to Press Charges Against “Fame Leech” Stalker Fan

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Make another slot on the list of Demi Lovato’s most WTF moments — In a random AF, shocking turn of events, the “Confident” singer just went on a hardcore Instagram rampage, against someone who considers herself a fan.

Stalker Sarah is one of the most infamous celebrity-hunters around. The 20 year old has over 100 thousand followers on Instagram and Twitter, and has literally met all of your favorite stars, including Demi. We’re not entirely sure what happened to provoke the 23 year old’s sudden freak out, but it seems that she just realized SS hung out with her little sister Madison De La Garza recently, and she was not happy about it.

Crave with my babe @maddieleedelagarza

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But it doesn’t stop there! Demi was clearly angry enough about something to continue to scroll through the girl’s Instagram page, and find ANOTHER picture she wasn’t thrilled with, this time, taken with her.

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Okay… we’re a little bit confused. Madison actually commented on Sarah’s pic and said she loves her, so she’s obviously not freaked out by the relationship. Not saying that the self-proclaimed stalker is completely innocent (she literally became Internet famous for following celebrities around Los Angeles), but why the heck did Demi suddenly freak the eff out about old pictures?! Lovatics, we need you to do some super-sleuthing!

Demi’s not the only celebrity who dissed a fan on social media…