Vote! Whose Song Is More Inspiring: Demi’s Or Selena’s?

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We really hate to pit Demi Lovato against Selena Gomez since they’re friends and both equally awesome in so many ways, but, what the heck, we’re gonna do it. Just this once. Because we love both Demi’s new song, “Skyscraper” and Selena’s “Who Says” so much! But we wanna know — which uplifting song do you think is more inspiring? The general public might say Demi considering “Skyscraper” skyrocketed to number one on iTunes (in one day!), but we wanna know what you think…

Take a listen to both songs below and then vote on which song you find more inspiring, empowering, and emotional.

So, which song’s your fave? Why? We want you to duke it out in the comments! Ready, GO!