Demi Lovato Gets Super Emotional in “Skyscraper” and Brings a Tear to Our Eyes, Too (Video)

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Demi Lovato has finally made her comeback! And not only did our fave former Disney star give us a new single this week, she’s also hitting us with a new music video. Double whammy! And if you thought “Skyscraper” was powerful and inspirational, just you wait until you see this vid. We think we may have shed a little tear watching Demi just pouring out her pain. Dem, you need a hug for this one.

Click on to watch Demi’s new vid for “Skyscraper” and tell us what you think!

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What do you think of “Skyscraper”? Can you totes feel her pain, too? Do you love the new song? Sound off in the comments!