It’s Here! Listen to Demi Lovato’s Inspiring, Amazing New Single, “Skyscraper”

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We told ya Demi Lovato‘s new single would debut today and we didn’t let ya down, did we, lovatics? No. No we did not. And neither did Demi because “Skyscraper”, is, like, amazing. It’s a ballad, has amazing vocals, and its oh-so-inspiring. But then again, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the Demster.

Click on for your first listen and to see what Demi said about the song!

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Demi tweeted of the song:

“This isn’t just a single or a song to me.. This represents the strength of an incredibly difficult journey I’ve been on that will hopefully provide the faith and inspiration to others going through the hardest issues of their own.”

Do you think it’ll help you through your issues? Is “Skyscraper” what you expected? Think it’ll shoot Demi back up to the top?! Tell us everything you’re thinking in the comments and be sure to tell us here if you’re excited for Demi’s comeback!