Demi Lovato’s Getting High! With Her New Single, “Skyscraper.” Duh.

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Well, Operation: Demi Lovato‘s Comeback is in full swing! And guess what? Now we finally have proof, rather than just having to take Demi’s word for it. Because over the holiday weekend, Demi posted the cover art for her new single, “Skyscraper,” plus tons of deets on the new song.

And guess what? We’re posting them too!

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Demi’s new single will come out on July 19! Are you excited for her comeback? Tell us in the comments and check out some of the lyrics from the song below!

It’s been kinda tough
Running around in circles
Tryin’ to find who I was
But now I know
I found myself
In the sky today
Don’t get in my way!

Don’t ever try to tear me down
I will be risin’ from the ground
Like a skyscraper
Don’t wanna make the same mistakes
Ya’ll better start listenin’
Like a skyscraper I’m a new building
I’m a new building
I’m a new building
Skyscraper baby