Demi Lovato Comes to Sister’s Defense After Bullies Call Her ‘Hunchback’

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If there’s one thing we learned this Labor Day Weekend, it’s to never mess with Demi Lovato’s little sister! After Madison De La Garza posted a video, which led to online bullies calling her ‘hunchback,’ Dem was quick to come to her sister’s defense, both publicly and privately. First, she sent a series of angry direct messages to one of the Internet trolls that read:

“Are you F****** kidding me?? Make fun of me all you want but making fun of my little sister’s scoliosis is F***** UP WTF is wrong with you. You made fun of a 12 year old who has SEVERE SCOLIOSIS.. how f****** DARE YOU… you deserve to rot in hell.”

Another said:

“Burn my f****** ticket. I don’t want your piece of s*** a** there anyway… Make fun of me BUT NOT MY 12 YEAR OLD LITTLE SISTER’S SEVERE SCOLIOSIS”

She then publicly tweeted a message to all of her followers:

“For anyone telling me to “chill”.. The impact bullies have over the internet can lead people to suicide. I can handle the bulls***. But do NOT f*** with my baby sister. I’m all for peace and spreading love UNTIL you go after a 12 YEAR OLD who did NOTHING to you.. So disappointed that after all the conversation about cyber bullying in this world that people would continue to do this to others. @Maddielovesyou1 you are BEAUTIFUL and the most precious little angel in my life and I will always protect you. I LOVE YOU. Physical disabilities are NOTHING to joke about. SEVERE SCOLIOSIS IS NOTHING TO MAKE FUN OF.”

To help cheer Maddie up, Demi and her Lovatics got #FeelBetterMaddie and #MadisonIsBeautiful trending on Twitter for hours following.

And the moral of the story is — NEVER mess with Demi’s family!

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