Demi Lovato Forced to Say Goodbye to Yet Another Sick Family Member

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Demi Lovato has been asking for prayers for her great-grandmother, Mimaw, for quite some time now. The “Confident” crooner’s 93-year-old grandma’s health has clearly not been good lately, and it looks like things have taken a turn for the worst.

The 24-year-old showed fans the heartbreaking process of “saying goodbye” to someone she loved on her Snapchat account last night, which they quickly realized were directed to the woman who she calls her “world.”

Shortly after the Snapchats went live, Demi also wrote a series of tweets that talk about saying goodbye and how you should appreciate the time you have with the people you love.

While the songstress didn’t say anything about her great-grandmother passing away, many fans are assuming that that is where this sad situation is heading.

If this tragic news is true, Mimaw’s death would mark the eighth loss Demi has experienced in the past year. Besides her great-grandfather, her puppy, Buddy, was killed in a coyote attack; her Uncle Billy passed away; her friend, Chris Carney; her other dog, Spawn, also recently died.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Demi and her family during this tough time.


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