Is Demi Lovato “Ruin the Friendship” About Nick Jonas? Ellen Actually Asked!

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It doesn’t come as quite a shock when the biggest names in Hollywood are grilled by Ellen DeGeneres on their dating lives, and Demi Lovato was no exception when she stopped by The Ellen Show to answer (or, at least, address) the question we’ve all have been wondering: Is “Ruin the Friendship” about Nick Jonas?!

Ever since Demi’s new album, Tell Me You Love Me, dropped — which is absolute FIRE by the way — speculations have run high, questioning whether or not her track, “Ruin the Friendship,” is about her best friend, Nick Jonas. But in case you haven’t heard the song, in this particular case, ‘ruining the friendship’ isn’t a bad thing. Instead she means she means, “Let’s ruin our friendship by becoming more than just friends,” hence, why Ellen asked if Demi is talking about Nick.

Ellen wasted no time in getting down to business, when Demi nervously responded back, saying, “Something that I will always keep to myself is who my songs are about.” Not exactly the answer fans had hoped for, but judging by Demi’s nonstop giggling and awkward pauses, we’ll use our best judgement.

Demi and Nick first met back in 2008 when they starred in Disney Channel’s Camp Rock together and have remained close friends ever since. Last year, they went on tour together for the Future Now Tour and, more recently, appeared on Carpool Karaoke together, so have they ever hooked up? If they were more than just friends, there’s a chance Demi would’ve been more vocal about it, considering she hasn’t really been shy about displaying her past relationships in the public eye. Plus, she openly told BBC News recently that she slides into hot guys DMs every once in awhile.

“It’s easy and it’s difficult, too,” she admitted. “But it’s kind of nice because if you find somebody attractive, you can just hit them up or, like, slide into their DMs and be like, ‘Hey, what’s going on?'”

Speaking more about the album, Demi didn’t name names, but she did reveal that the song called “Games” is a story from a date gone wrong. When asked by BBC who the date was with and what he did wrong, Demi said, “I’d rather not say. But just being disrespected. This guy just treated me really poorly, and was playing games the whole time.”


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