Demi Lovato Totally Remembers the Lyrics to Her Iconic Camp Rock Song

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It’s been YEARS since we’ve all heard from Mitchie Torres and her incredible voice. But thanks to Nick Grimshaw, our favorite and talented Camp Rock counselor is back and we are LIVING for it. Demi Lovato was challenged to a throwback Remember the Lyrics type game and she KILLED it.

As much as we would LOVE to have a new and R-rated addition to the Camp Rock franchise, there’s about a 0% chance that it will happen. However, thanks to her recent appearance on the BBC Radio 1 show with Nick, the host quizzed the singer to see how well she remembered her Disney Channel Original Movie hit as well as a bunch of her other popular songs.

The radio show host ~started the party~ (did you see what we did there?) with “This Is Me” and, spoiler alert: She totally remembered the lyrics! Not only did the Tell Me You Love Me singer perfectly recite every lyric after the song cut out, she sounded absolutely amazing. Thank GOD she wasn’t ~too cool~ for game.

Aside from singing one of her best throwback songs EVER, Demi was also quizzed on a song that she recorded when she was just a wee teen (“Moves Me”) as well as the Spanish version of “Skyscraper.”

For the most part, Demi passed the musical test, she received two stars out of three since she did kind of stumbled when it came to “Rascacielo.” But in her defense, the Spanish translation was recorded many years ago AND Spanish is not a language she’s fluent in. So, it’s okay, Demi. We totally forgive you and we ~wouldn’t change a thing~.

We’re sure you’re sick of all the Camp Rock song references (or you love it because you’re huge fans like we are), but feel free to relive your Camp Rock memories by watching Demi slay the game below! “Hasta La Vista!”