Quiz: Which WTF Demi Lovato Quote is Most Likely to Come Out of Your Mouth?

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Instagram (@ddlovato)

Instagram (@ddlovato)

Demi Lovato is a self-assured chick; she has an empowering song all about being confident (literally titled “Confident”), which you simply have to appreciate. However… In some instances, her remarks can be taken to be either cocky AF (like when she compared herself to Rihanna & Nicki Minaj) or rather dumb, TBH (like when she unknowingly gave Caitlyn Jenner a backhanded compliment). Truth be told, a great deal of her comments reach WTF status. (“[What’s] your favorite dish?” “I like mugs.” …K.)

But no one can say he/she doesn’t ever spew nonsense. So, our aim right now is to figure out which of Demi Lovato’s most nonsensical quotes is most likely to come out of YOUR mouth. Take the quiz to find the specific gem for you: