From Our BFFs: Will You Tune In For Demi Lovato’s First Post-Rehab Interview?

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Demi Lovato‘s very first post-rehab interview is going to be on Good Morning America next Friday! Who’s skipping school? Just kidding, kinda. [Just Jared Jr]

The paparazzi are getting in the way of Justin Bieber‘s “religious experience” in Israel and he is not happy about it. Leave the Biebs alone, guys! [Hollywire]

Always the overachiever, Miranda Cosgrove has been accepted to a bunch of awesome colleges. Such a smarty-pants. [4tnz!]

Despite all her famous friends, Emma Roberts is so not a party girl and never goes to parties “just to go.” [Seventeen]

Who will be named prom queen in Glee‘s “Born This Way” eppie? Our vote’s on Rachel Berry! Or Quinn! Or… [Wetpaint]

Speaking of spoilers, Chair fans should look away, like, now. Are Chuck and Blair “so over” on Gossip Girl? [Posh24]

Owl City frontman Adam Young thinks Taylor Swift is the “only one” for him. We wonder what Tay would have to say (or sing?) about that… [JSYK]

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