Demi Lovato Gets a Lesson in Biology After She Tweets That She’s 1% African

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2015 marked a lot of problematic Demi Lovato moments. That was the year she disrespected Caitlyn Jenner‘s transformation, she couldn’t let Zendaya have her moment in the spotlight, she overreacted about a meme (long live Poot Lovato!)… So, when you think about how much the controversies surrounding her have died down, you could consider that progress, right? Well…

When we say “died down,” we don’t mean that they’re gone for good. In fact, the 24-year-old “Stone Cold” singer is now under fire for some of her recent tweets about her background:

You might be thinking, “Okay… What’s the big deal? She’s proud of these unexpected facts about herself.” Nevertheless, there are plenty of people across the Internet, particularly on Twitter, who are outraged about the Grammy-nominated artist’s notes:

Demi, of course, stood up for her messages:

More to the point, though, it wasn’t that the tweets were offensive — considering, based on the report she was given, she was simply pointing out a fact — it was that the tweets included facts that she should know already because, based on biology, we’re all Africans under the skin:

Hopefully, this doesn’t cause her to quit Twitter again.
Demi Lovato’s constantly taking back her WTF quotes: