Demi Lovato vs. One Direction: Who Does ‘Heart Attack’ Better?

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Demi Lovato has a new single out, and it looks like she’s taking some inspiration from her long-time flirt buddy, Niall Horan. The 20-year-old songstress released a new track called “Heart Attack,” and wouldn’t you know it, One Direction has a song on their Take Me Home album with the exact same name.

Also, this wouldn’t be the first time a pop star ended up with a copy cat name from One Direction. When Justin Bieber released his BELIEVE acoustic album in January, a track called “I Would” leaked, which as you know, is also the name of a tune from Take Me Home. We pit the two songs against each other in a friendly little poll, and 1D won with just over 75% of the vote.

Since we did it the first time around with “I Would,” we can’t help but compare the two “Heart Attack” tunes. They’re each a little different, as Demi’s track is more about the fear of falling in love, while 1D’s is more about getting over a break up. Obviously they’re each great and unique in their own way, but which one really gets you going?

First, take a listen to the original “Heart Attack” by 1D below:

Now, take a listen to Demi’s just-released “Heart Attack”:

So, who did “Heart Attack” better? Cast your vote in the poll!

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