Uh Oh — Demi Lovato Might’ve Just Shaded One Direction

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UK Mix

UK Mix

Well, Lovatics and Directioners, don’t expect a collaboration between Demi Lovato and One Direction any time soon! Demi was recently asked about possibly doing a collab with 1D, and her response shocked many people. She said,

“I focus more on collaborations with people who inspire me. Nothing wrong with One Direction, but…”

When 1D fans got wind of what she said, many took the quote as shade to the band and were pretty upset about it.

Demi later clarified that she meant no harm by ‘dissing’ One Direction, but simply isn’t a huge fan.

“I’m not a One Direction fan per say. They’re not bad, they’re great! But… they’re like a boy group.” 

Lovatics know that Dem did collaborate with another boy band, The Vamps, in the past, however, but she did so under special circumstances.

“I loved the song. It was kind of this thing that it’s like, ‘Well, it’s not the type of thing that I’d normally do, but I love the song.’ And they’re good guys.”

And although the 1D collab is a no-go, Dem is counting down the minutes until she can work with another British superstar — Ed Sheeran!

“I honestly cannot wait,” she said. “it’s just a matter of timing and working it out.”

Directioners, are you upset about Demi’s comment! Tell us in the comments below!

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