16 Things That’d Make Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas’ $10K Meet & Greet Worth It

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As you get more and more famous, you can push the boundaries of what’s logical and what’s not. Because, LBR — once you have a diehard fandom, they’ll do almost ANYTHING for you. But there comes a time when things go too far and even the most hardcore fans can’t hang. Let us present to you, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas’ meet and greet package that costs — wait for it — $10,000 dollars!!

That’s right. To experience the ultimate VIP treatment at Nemi’s upcoming Future Now tour, you (and four friends) have to dish out a whopping 10 grand. So, what does this INSANE purchase get you? A private backstage dressing room and tour, a chance to take pictures with and “say hi” to Nick and Demi, VIP side stage lounge access for the show, a snapback, a tour laminate, a signed poster, dinner and a custom bag. But while you get all those ~goodies~ please be warned that you still have to buy a ticket to the show. El oh el.

Even though you do get a bunch of cool stuff for a ridic price, the majority of Demi and Nick’s fans don’t think it’s worth it at all. But, here’s what would make the $10K experience a bit more enticing…

1. If Demi and Nick became the Pope and Jesus:

2. If Poot and a vagina flick were involved:

3. An eternal lullaby:

4. A sleepover:

5. A cruise:

6. “Hella bottles [and a] threesome:”

7. A recreation of Madonna’s sex book:

8. The full VIP treatment:

9. ANOTHER threesome:

10. And ANOTHER:

11. A lot of sexual favors:

12. An album dedication:

13. POOT!

14. An ~intimate~ night:

15. College tuition:

16. A new roommate, room service, and an unlimited credit card.

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