Demi Lovato’s New Single Is “Give Your Heart a Break” And We TOTALLY Called It

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Remember when Demi Lovato said that “Who’s That Boy” was going to be her next single off of “Unbroken” after “Skyscraper?” Uh, we think we missed something, because we never heard that song on the radio once nor ever saw a music vid for it. Just sayin’. But now Demi’s official new single is “Give Your Heart a Break,” and, whatever, we basc predicted that back when we first heard the album in September cause we’re geniuses. And ya know what? We have a good feeling about this single, you guys.

We’re can see it now — a music vid that involves making out with Joe Jonas a hot dude on a bed and hearing the song on the radio and on MTV more than they play Rihanna songs. No? Just us? Ok then. Let’s listen to the song and move on, shall we?

WDYT of “Give Your Heart a Break?” Which “Unbroken” song would you have chosen as the next single? Share here, mmkay?!