Demi Lovato Offends Millions Once Again, But Then Immediately Takes it Back

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For someone who preaches confidence and standing up for what you believe in, you’d think Demi Lovato would at least stand behind her effed up comments, rather than constantly backtracking when she gets hate.

The 23-year-old singer created drama once again when she posted a Snapchat of her mom making a super offensive joke about how everyone in Rio is going to get Zika Virus.

In addition to laughing at Dianna De La Garza’s “joke,” Demi also added three laughing Emojis to the vid. Shortly after she uploaded it, the hashtag #DemiLovatoIsOverParty began trending on Twitter as a way to call her out for the messed-up move.

As per usual, the “Body Say” crooner then realized she royally effed up, and tried her hardest to explain her real intentions, which were never meant to be harmful.

DL’s mom retweeted her daughter’s note and also apologized for her insensitivity.

You’d think after Demi’s comments on Kesha, Nicki Minaj, Zendaya and Mariah Carey garnered her TONS of hate, she’d learn to bite her tongue… guess not!

Demi’s the queen of doing something shady, and then taking it back. For example…