Demi Lovato’s Third Bae After Wilmer Valderrama Proves She’s Got a New Type

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Demi Lovato‘s wasted no time moving on from Wilmer Valderrama. In the weeks since the two broke up at the beginning of June, she’s been linked to three different guys. So, three guys in less than 3 months. (No shame, just pointing that out.) First, there was 23-year-old Giants player Odell Beckham Jr., then 30-year-old MMA fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos, now, it’s, apparently, 31-year-old UFC superstar Luke Rockhold. Notice a pattern?

The 24-year-old “Body Say” singer’s been quoted in the past as saying that she prefers “older” men, preferably of the Latino variety, as opposed to white guys, because when she “dated white guys, it wasn’t as passionate” as her relationship with Wilmer, who’s 12 years her senior. So, to sum up, before WV, Demi’s type was clearly skinny, white musicians (i.e. Trace Cyrus, Alex DeLeon, Joe Jonas). Then it changed to older Latinos. Today, she seems to be setting her sights on jacked, athletic types. An NFL star, a fighter, a former Middleweight Champion — dayum, girl.

Though not much is known about the Demster’s relationship with Luke, TMZ claims the pair got together while training at Unbreakable gym in Los Angeles. Since then, the two have supposedly been sending each other ~secret inside messages~ on social media. For example:

Cause life's too short not to tattoo your pinky ?

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Whatever the case, as long as Demi’s happy, everyone else should be, too.
Even before Demi started racking up the men post-breakup, she had a long dating timeline: