From Our BFFS: Does Demi Lovato Think She’s Perfect? We Think Not

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Take it from Demi Lovato — being perfect is not all that. Or, uh, that’s what her new campaign is saying anyway… [Just Jared Jr]

Remember all that drama surrounding Justin Bieber‘s tweets while in Israel? Well, now he’s taking a “twitter break.” Take that, 8.7 million followers! [JSYK]

It’s hard to keep up with Kim Kardashian, but one thing’s for sure… girl keeps in shape. [Hollywire]

So, uh, apparently Cody Simpson is getting his own cereal?! And we’re pretty sure this is not a joke. [4tnz!]

Even though we’re iffy on Rebecca Black, one celeb is surely a fan. And that would be… Simon Cowell?! [Seventeen]

You need to listen to the Glee version of “What Kind of Fool” right this second. And, yet, again, Darren Criss‘s voice makes us melt. [Wetpaint]

Do you think Taylor Momsen, rockstar extraordinaire, should switch up her bad girl image?! [Posh24]

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