9 Random Humans Who Look Strangely Like Demi Lovato’s Long-Lost Sister

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Harry Styles isn’t the only celebrity with random humans walking around with his faceDemi Lovato‘s got a bunch of her own, too.

You’ve already seen a bunch of other stars who resemble the 23-year-old Disney Channel alum, but these ~normals~ are even better. Any of ’em could totally pass as Demi’s long-lost sister (and, no, we’re not talking about Poot Lovato):

1. This Madison Beer fan:

2. Demi Lovato, from the blue period.

3. Another.

4. It’s Mitchie!

5. OMG, clone!

6. A Swedish blogger.

7. Dis Filipina model:

8. Wow.

9. You KNOW you see it.

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