This Video from Demi Lovato To Her Fans Will Legit Make You Cry (Video)

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Remember how we crowned last week as unofficial Week of Demi Lovato? Uh, we take that back. Because this week should really be Demi Week, considering her album comes out tomorrow, the 20th, and thus we’ll be seeing tons of her in the next few days. So let’s kickoff the week with this heartfelt vid from Demi to her fans. It’s basically rehearsal and backstage footage from the ALMA awards, but if you listen closely, there’s another one of her new songs, “Fix a Heart,” playing in the background.

Take a look!

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“Unbroken” comes out tomorrow, so stay tuned all week long for all the deets! Did you like this video? Do you like that Demi is so open about her stint in rehab with her fans? Tell us in the comments!