8 Things You Didn’t Know About Demi Lovato

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First off, can we just talk about Demi Lovato‘s Stay Strong special on MTV last week? ICYMI, it was a major tearjerker. She was just so real. So emotional. And totally exposed. Which is probably the main reason (other than the fact that we’re just stalkers obsessed) why we needed to see her when she stopped by the iHeartRadio live chat in NYC. (Thanks for the hookup, Z100!) Truth be told, it wasn’t at all like we expected. Unlike her mini-documentary, she was completely hilarious. Plus she let us in on all the rando facts that no one would think to ask during a formal interview.

So we thought we’d lay a few of those little tidbits out for you, starting with the juiciest of them all…

1. Her first love isn’t who you think.
“My first love, I was only 13. He wasn’t known and his name was Scott Hughes. I was so head over heels for him. He was on the varsity football team at the high school that I would have gone to.”

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2. She’s big on curse words.
“I [swear in front of my family] all the time. I try to teach my little sister bad words. She was 4 and I’m like, ‘say, bitch.’ She wouldn’t do it!… And I’m a role model, haha.”

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3. She can’t actually speak Spanish.
“I have my two songs in Spanish, but I don’t know what the hell I’m saying! I have to have someone who speaks fluent Spanish coach me on how to say every single word. I can fake it.”

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4. The #1 song you can catch her singing to herself isn’t one of her own.
“The National Anthem! When I’m in the shower, I used to practice the National Anthem. That’s my chance to [rehearse]… with all the acoustics in the shower.”

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5. She likes to throw stuff when she’s bored.
“I’ve trashed dressing rooms just for the hell of it. I was a vegetarian for a year, and once there was all this sandwich deli meat in my dressing room. I got really bored, and I like to throw things when I’m bored. I was trying to catch the meat on the ceiling, so it’d get stuck. It was just fun.”


6. Her guilty pleasure TV shows aren’t exactly Teen.com friendly.
RuPaul’s Drag Race — my ultimate favorite. [Then] Real Housewives of Beverly Hills [and] Real Housewives of Atlanta. Maybe because I don’t have drama in my personal life.”


7. Unlike Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, Demi will not have her own scent.
“Nothing against people that already have fragrances. I [just don’t like] that it’s expected. And I’m just not passionate about perfume, so right now it’s not in my interests.”

8. She gets tattoos. And then regrets them the next day.
“I think it’s a really good idea at the moment when I’m bored with my friends. I’m like, ‘Oh, let me get ‘faith’ on my arm.’ Then every time I finish getting a tattoo I’m like, ‘What did I just do?!'”


Did you know any of these facts about Demi before now? Would you want D.Lo to make her own fragrance? And did you catch the Stay Strong special, too? Reveal anything Demi-related in the comments!

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