16 GIFs That Prove Demi Lovato is The Ultimate Hair Goddess

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It’s Demi Lovato’s 22nd birthday!! Let’s just take a minute to let that sink in — where did the time go?! Okay, now that that’s out of the way, we wanted to celebrate Dem’s big day by recognizing something she’s extraordinarily talented at doing: changing her hair!

From the time she was just a wee Disney star with blunt bangs to her recent days of trying every color under the sun, here’s Miss Lovato’s complete hair transformation just in time to celebrate her b-day!

1. Brown with side bangs.

2. Chestnut Brown with blunt bangs.

3. Layered black.

4. Warm brown with caramel highlights.

5. Long brown ombre.

6. Deep, bold red.

7. Blonde and pink ombre.

8. Platinum blonde.



9. Rich brown with blunt bangs.

10. Golden blonde bob.

11. Blue ombre.



12. Electric blue.

13. Neon pink.

14. Rainbow ombre.

15. Side shaved with purple ombre.

16. Short bob with blonde ombre.

Demi’s Hair Takes A Drastic Turn…