This May Or May Not Be Demi’s New Single, and We May Or May Not Already Have it On Repeat (First Listen!)

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It’s basically a known fact that a few weeks before an album drops, some tracks from the album leak. Thanks, internet! And while it may be unfortunate for Demi Lovato that her new song, “Give Your Heart a Break” has hit Youtube, it’s majorly fortunate for us. Because we think we’ve found our new fave song. Mean it.

And we think you’ll love it just as much…

But here’s our disclaimer, this might just be a demo of the song, meaning those are not Demi’s vocals but it IS her song, considering it’s even on the album’s official track list. Take a listen below and tell us what you think:

Demi’s album, “Unbroken,” hits next week, September 20! What do you think of “Give Your Heart a Break?” Is that Demi singing? Excited for “Unbroken?” Tell us!