Demi Lovato Brought Parkland Shooting Survivors to First Night of Tour

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Everyone who knows Demi Lovato (be it personally or just as a fan) knows that she is a HUGE advocate for mental health. In fact, even though she’s going on a world wide tour promoting her recent album, Tell Me You Love Me, the 25-year-old Disney Channel alum used her first night of her latest tour to help victims and survivors of the Parkland shooting heal in the aftermath of the tragedy.

On Monday evening, the singer kicked off her TMYLM Tour by inviting a group of survivors from the tragic Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting to the stage and asked the 7,000+ fans there to help provide mental health support for the Parkland, Florida community. The students in attendance were there as part of CAST on Tour, a free pre-concert experience for concertgoers to learn more about healthy living, wellness, as well as other mental health issues. During the concert, audience members were given the opportunity to show support by texting donations to the CAST Foundation who in turn, apply the donations towards mental health resources for the students.

Demi explained in an interview with CBS this morning that she was so affected by the images of the Florida school shooting that she personally reached out to some of the students on social media. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer admitted she was concerned about their mental health after living through such a terrible tragedy. As many know, Demi is not shy about advocating for mental health as she has become quite vocal about her own situation with living with bipolar disorder for the last eight years.

Roughly three days after the shooting, Demi asked her followers via Twitter if they knew how to get in touch with Emma Gonzalez, the Parkland shooting survivor who made a name for herself after her powerful speech that condemned adults for failing to protect children following the tragedy. It’s safe to say that her tweet had something to do with inviting the survivors to her concert on Monday.

The singer is obviously very concerned about the metal well being of many, including these teenagers. While Demi and the students were all on stage, she encouraged her fans to donate to a fund in their support while emphasizing that “this isn’t about politics, this is about community.” Well said, Demi. Well said.