From Our BFFs: Are You Excited For Demi Lovato’s Live Comeback Performance?

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We’re pretty confident that Demi Lovato‘s comeback performance is going to be epic. Especially since it’s going to be at this year’s Do Something Awards ceremony! How apropos. [Just Jared Jr.]

Lady Gaga was spotted crying over a guy… on last night’s ep of So You Think You Can Dance. Trust us, if you watch his performance, you’ll tear a little too. [4TNZ]

Is Jasmine V dancing-off against… herself? Sure looks like it in her new “Werk” music vid. [JSYK]

The Smurfs. Jessica Rabbit. The Simpsons. We never realized it ’til just now, but Katy Perry is really into cartoons. [ELLEgirl]

Looks like we got ourselves a situation. Someone was arrested at the Jersey Shore house this weekend. Again. [Wetpaint]

Wanna know what it’s like to vacation with Cory Monteith? Now you can! And it’s just as beautiful as we thought it would be. Le sigh. [Cambio]

From Lucy Hale and Ian Harding on Pretty Little Liars to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight, check out the TV/movie couples who put Romeo & Juliet to shame. [Seventeen]

Not only does Leighton Meester have a killer sense of style, she tries to save lives too! [Posh24]

Love is in the air for our fave mini-fashionista, Chloe Moretz. We’re used to seeing her kicking ass, but this mag cover is too precious for words. [Hollywire]

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