Demi Lovato Defends Herself After Fan Accuses Her of Breaking Sobriety

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Last month, Demi Lovato reached a huge milestone — six years of sobriety! The singer, who has been very open about her past struggles with drug and alcohol abuse, wrote on Twitter on the special anniversary, “Today is a very special day for me… I’m officially celebrating 6 years of sobriety!! I’m so thankful to my family, friends and @castcenters for being a part of this journey. A huge part of my recovery was learning to love myself and to give back to others.”

Accomplishing six years of sobriety is a huge deal, especially since the 25-year-old admittedly relapsed shortly after she went to rehab for the first time back in 2011. The “Tell Me You Love Me” crooner takes her sobriety incredibly seriously (as she should), so you can only imagine what she was feeling when a fan accused her of holding an alcoholic beverage in a recent picture with her friends.

In one shot, posted by BFF Sirah on Instagram, Demi’s hand fades into a dark shadow. But when Hayley Kiyoko posted the same image, her hand is clutching a glass filled with yellow-ish liquid.

The edit was a little bit suspicious and some fans wondered if she was trying to hide the fact that she was drinking alcohol. When D.Lo got wind of the speculation, however, she was quick to shut that ish down.

See? It was Red Bull, people. In fact, Demi replaced alcohol with the energy drink long ago and calls it one of her “vices,” which actually isn’t all that bad.

“I love cigars. I only smoke them when I’m in Vegas or on a special occasion,” she said on the Elvis Duran and The Z100 Morning Show just before her 25th birthday. “It’s all I have left — that and Redbull. One night in Vegas, I got a sugar-free Red Bull and a cigar and those are my vices. I’m set.”