Demi Lovato’s Dad Abused Her Mom, Dianna, SO Badly, She Lost a Finger

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Demi Lovato is a strong, ~confident~ woman; she speaks up for what she believes in, wears whatever she wants and possesses a general IDGAF attitude. But, beneath that tough exterior is a girl with a troubled past… and her late father contributed to that.

When Patrick Lovato passed away in June 2013, the now-25-year-old musician was torn. “I felt conflicted when he passed because he was abusive, he was mean,” she said in a personal YouTube video. “But he wanted to be a good person, he wanted to have his family. When my mom married my stepdad, he still had this huge heart, where he would say, ‘I’m so glad Eddie [De La Garza]‘s taking care of you, and doing the job that I wish I could do.'”

So we’ve known about his abusive past, as well as his struggles with alcoholism and mental illness, for a long time. What we didn’t know is the extent of his abuse… but now we do, courtesy of Demi’s mom.

Dianna De La Garza has been married to Eddie, Madison De La Garza‘s dad, since 1995. However, she has never forgotten what Patrick did to her. In her new memoir, Falling with Wings: A Mother’s Story, she goes into detail about his domestic violence. At one point, his substance abuse, along with other issues, spiraled so out of control, he slammed a door so hard on Dianna’s hand that she lost a finger!

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So, why didn’t she leave? Her first daughter, Dallas Lovato, was one reason to stay; her unborn child, Demi, was another. Considering she didn’t have any money to her name, she felt like she had nowhere to turn. Plus, “I thought I could change him, and I think victims of domestic abuse often feel the same way,” she explains. “You’re not always going to be able to change someone, no matter how much you want to. There may come a point where your love for that person may not be enough to keep you safe.”

The deciding factor: “When I realized [Dallas and Demi] were not safe anymore, no matter how much I loved this person and wanted things to change, I knew I had to get out.”