Demi Lovato Responds to Joe Jonas’ Engagement in the Best Way Possible

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Whoever says exes can’t be friends have clearly never met Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. The two dated for a couple of months back in their Disney days and even though things didn’t turn out well for the former co-stars right after they broke up, their current, platonic relationship is in a much better place now. So much so that Demi went out of her way to congratulate her ex on his recent engagement!

The “Tell Me You Love Me” singer showered Joe and his now-fiancée, Sophie Turner, with a bunch of love on Instagram. In the comment section of the DNCE frontman’s photo, Dems commented, “HUGE CONGRATS!!!!! Sooooo happy for he both of you!!!!”

But of course, with two celebs of that stature, there are more comments of congratulations from their fellow star-studded peers to follow. Aside from Demi, Nick Jonas also showed his big brother some love by sharing Joe’s original engagement photo and captioned it, “Ahh! Congratulations to my brother… and sister in law to be on your engagement. I love you both so much.”

And of course, big brother Kevin Jonas also shared the news with his fans on Instagram by posting the same picture with “Congrats @joejonas and @sophiet so happy to welcome you into the family!” as his caption. But it wasn’t just family and friends who had something to say. The whole Internet pretty much lost their minds after the news broke.

One fan reacted to the exciting news by taking it all the way back to the good old “Camp Rock” days with this tweet:

Another fan joked (or at least we hope it was a joke because if not, Joe, you’ve got some explaining to do) that they were completely blindsided by the news because of a moment she and Joe had in the past:

Though many fans were heartbroken over the news, a lot of them were incredibly excited for the couple. Congrats to Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner!