Demi Lovato Talks Joe Jonas Relationship on Chelsea Lately

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Tumblr (demigifs)

Tumblr (demigifs)

Demi Lovato may (or may not) be ready to walk down the aisle with Wilmer Valderrama — have you seen her ring?? — but that doesn’t mean she can get away with NOT talking about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas.

While on Chelsea Lately, host Chelsea Handler cleverly disguised a question about the middle JoBro by starting out with a comment focusing on D.Lo’s Neon Lights tour, “I just read somewhere that Nick Jonas is the musical director of your tour, and you dated one of the Jonas Brothers, right?” Sneaky, sneaky.

Demi admits that she coupled up with Joe for a little while, “We dated for, like, a month. Everyone made it seem like it was this big deal.” Chelsea’s response: “Because you’re young pop stars, and when you’re young and you’re dating and you’re popping each other, people think that.”

Obviously, we all know what Chels was getting at, but she totally denies it. Nevertheless, Demi confesses as to how far she went with Joe (or, rather, how far they didn’t go), “Yeah, there was no popping.” There were laughs, a few more jokes about it, but the “Heart Attack” singer wasn’t entirely feeling the sitch, saying “I’m so uncomfortable” before the footage cuts. Still, we think she handled herself like a pro.

For more of Demi’s interview, including her thoughts on the cutest Jonas, watch the Chelsea Lately clip below, then chat about all things Demi Lovato in the comments or on our message board!

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