Demi Lovato Accused of Being Racist Again, This Time for Her Hairstyle

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Demi Lovato, the celebrity who made it known to all that she’s 1% African, is back at it again with being problematic. The former Disney Channel star is featured on Cheat Codes‘ song, “No Promises,” which is great and all…minus the fact that she may have worn dreadlocks in the music video. While fans love the tune, a lot of them do NOT love that fact that she’s rocking a hairstyle that is frequently worn by African American people, and are therefore calling her out for cultural appropriation.

Others, however, don’t believe the hairstyle was actually dreads, which means Demi did nothing wrong.

The last time the Sonny With a Chance actress was accused of racism was when she said, “But I do believe that Latin people are just more expressive, more passionate with their emotions,” more than a year ago.

As on person tweeted, “If the stylist intended for them to look like dreads, then that’s the problem.” Agreed!

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