Why Camila Cabello & Demi Lovato Turned Down Zedd’s “The Middle” Collab

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Demi Lovato and Camila Cabello both turned down singing vocals on the number one song in the country — “The Middle” by Zedd.

It’s on HEAVY rotation these days, but Zedd and Maren Morris‘ smash hit, “The Middle,” wasn’t so quick to be picked up. According to Variety, the song was created in January of 2017, and it took only 45 minutes for the writers to come up with lyrics for the catchy chorus. However, getting someone to sing those lyrics turned out to be more of a challenge…

In late May, Demi cut an amazing demo and got the producers of “The Middle” really excited. She eventually had to choose between “The Middle” and “Sorry Not Sorry” being her first single from her new album. She ended up going with the latter because she was going for a more soulful, urban sound and “The Middle” was just too much of a pop bop for her album, Tell Me You Love Me.

A similar situation unfolded with Camila Cabello in September of that year. Producers were blown away with the track with Camila’s voice attached, and even set up an October 18th release date. The song was all ready to go, but then shockingly — she ghosted them! When Camila didn’t respond to a text message, the producers knew something was up, reportedly because Camila was always quick to respond to their messages. With the release date of the song only two weeks away, they sadly got word that Camila was out. The reason was reportedly because Camila didn’t want “The Middle” to overshadow “Havana,” which was climbing the charts at the time and eventually would hit #1.

After Camila pulled out, producers heard versions from Carly Rae Jepsen, Tove Lo, Bebe Rexha and others, but nothing rocked their world like the Demi and Camila versions… until they heard Maren’s take on the song. Cut to weeks and WEEKS after the song was released, and it’s still playing EVERYWHERE and showing no sign of stopping.