The Dumb AF Reason Fans Think Demi Lovato & Camila Cabello Are Feuding

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Camila Cabello is on a meteoric rise rn. Not only does she have one of the most prominent voices in Fifth Harmony, but she’s also on the fast track to solo stardom as well, courtesy of her music sans 5H, like “I Know What You Did Last Summer” with Shawn Mendes. But, we’ll always remember her X Factor roots. And, if the latest feud rumors are to be believed, Demi Lovato wants to make sure Camila never forgets ’em.

Recently, the “Body Say” singer expressed her distaste in some fan art, which features the 24-year-old Disney Channel alum as a mermaid; a mermaid with a different figure than her own:

Instagram (@vladyart)

Instagram (@vladyart)

Instagram (@vladyart)

Instagram (@vladyart)

Soon after, the 19-year-old 5H girl expressed her love for her own fan art, along with the caption, “a shout out to all the amazing and passionate artists out there. I can barely draw stick figures and look atchu doin yo thaaaang.”

And, it just so happens, around the same time, Demi tweeted this cryptic message:

Neither artist called out anyone in particular, but fans sense a bit of shade:

If this really is a feud over fan art, then that’s dumb AF. But this could also be a case of people reading too much into celebrity social media, too. What do you think?
This is far from the first musical feud. Just look at all these times bandmates actually feuded with one another: